Live streaming to every device, in HD, with professional support

Live stream the best quality for your viewers

Our adaptive technology delivers the best viewing experience by using the highest quality your viewer’s connections will allow. You set the maximum quality – up to a full 1080i HD stream – and our streaming servers do the rest.

Look good on every device

iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tablets, Windows 8 laptops – whatever your devices your viewers are using they’ll be able to see your live stream. Simply encode your live stream and our system will deliver to iOS, Android, Windows devices using the proper encoding.

Expert Support

We’re here to help your event be a fabulous success. Our streaming experts have assisted in countless live streaming events, both large and small. You can rely on us for support before and during your live streaming event.

Free encoding options

Getting started streaming doesn’t have to be expensive. We support the free Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder so you can get started encoding your live stream with the lowest cost possible – free!

Professional encoding options

Use Wirecast when you need multiple inputs, production tools, more formatting choices and better stability

Unlimited live streams

You can have as many live channels as you want by using multiple publishing points. Each one can be different live streams or you can send the same stream to multiple points to provide redundancy and failover.

Calculate the cost of your event ahead of time

One of the scariest parts of live streaming is not understanding the cost. We’re able to give you the cost of your event up front. Just speak with one of our streaming experts, or use our calculator to get an estimate for your live streaming before you even get started.

Never overpay for bandwidth you don’t need

Choose our Freemium account on the months you don’t have any events. Then choose one of the premium packages when you know you’ll need it for an event. Our flexible account choices means you’ll only pay for what you use.