Complete Your Profile By Following The Steps Below For Priority Placement In The Directory

Our Rating System Explained

The PlanetStream Video Production Directory works with a 5 Star rating system to help visitors choose who they would like to work with. The higher the rating, the higher up you will appear in the listings. We award stars for two differant types of activity...

  1. Stars are awarded to profiles that have more areas complete such as Testimonials and Video. This is because a more complete profile will be more useful to visitors to the directory.
  2. We also award stars to directory members who have worked with us in the past on a streaming projects. This is partly because we are then able to verify that you use a professional streaming provider for your clients; and partly as a reward for choosing PlanetStream.

See below for more information on how to earn each star...

Add A Testimonial

This is an easy one - if you've got some happy customer out there, chances are you've got a testimonial or two knocking about your inbox.

All you need to do is copy and paste the testimonial into the Description tab of the Members Area, include the source and click 'Save'.

Do this and you'll have your first star.

Upload A Video

A gift from us, that's right - a freebie! If you've got some examples of your work, a showreel or even some video testimonials from your customers we'll let you host it on our network absolutely free.

Just go to the Media tab in the Members Area and follow the instructions, we'll take care of the rest.

Become A PlanetStream User

While being a PlanetStream customer isn't mandatory for you to be listed in our directory it certainly helps you get noticed.

All PlanetStream customers get a star to help raise them in the rankings, it's just our way of saying thanks.

Give Us Some Feedback

Help us out in one of the following ways and we'll reward you with a star...

  • Send us a Streaming Testimonial
  • Share a success story about the Directory
  • Suggest a new feature or improvement for the directory can do all this through the Feedback tab in the directory Members Area.

Official PlanetStream Partner

Add the PlanetStream badge to your website and benefit from being an official partner, showing your visitors that you have the backing of the UK's leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider.