When you need the fastest hosting available, turn to CDN

Reliable, Cost Efficient Delivery For All Your Content

What sorts of organisations use a CDN?

  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Media & Entertainment Services
  • Online Gaming

Why use a CDN?

  • With traditional hosting, sudden surges in demand degrade performance of your website and online applications. In some cases the hosting server can crash, leaving you and your users frustrated.
  • Slow load times for geographically dispersed end users may mean loss of revenue and even reduced search engine rankings.

The PlanetStream CDN solves these issues while reducing your overall costs. How?

A combination of content distribution across our global network, paired with load balancing and optimised delivery algorithms provide the ultimate online experience.

Whole Site Delivery guarantees the best performance for your website. A small or large object, static or dynamic content – all of it is delivered via the fastest possible route to the end user.

Compression algorithms and fast networks reduce your bandwidth usage and your cost to deliver the content.

The best time to start using a CDN is before the sudden surge of traffic, server crashes, and reduced search engine rankings. Contact our CDN specialists today and see how easy it is to get started. We’re available via email or call 01905 672593.

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